Research Project

United By DNA is seeking to build its institutional knowledge. We are currently seeking for volunteers to review books/resources and conduct case studies/research to identify strategies, techniques and best practices in the following areas:


- Branding

- Constituent Relationship Management
- Content Strategy

- Corporate Development
- Enterprise Web Platform Development
- Fund-Raising and Donor Management
- Global / Multi-national Operations
- Grants
- Grassroots Movements, Community Organizing and Political Campaigning
- Human Resources Management
- Intellectual Property Law and Strategy
- Journalism, Editorial and Publishing
- Logistics, Supply Chain, Systems and Operations Management
- Marketing and Advertising
- Non-Profit Accounting and Financial Management
- Non-Profit Governance and Management
- Online Community Building and Social Collaboration
- Open Software
- Organizational Design
- Performance Evaluation and Management
- Project and Quality Management
- Public Relations and Reputation Management
- Search Engine Optimization
- Social Media
- Start-ups, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
- Strategic Planning, Game Theory and Strategy Development
- User Engagement and Gamification
- User Experience
- Volunteer Recruitment and Management



Volunteers do not need to be prior experts in the field in which they conduct research. This volunteer opportunity is particularly suitable for high school and college students.



Expected Project Impact

The execution of the project shall build our institutional knowledge and develop our capacity to effect the change we desire in the world.



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- Public Relations and Reputation Management Strategy Development
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- Social Media Strategy Development
- Start-ups and Entrepreneurship
- User Engagement and Gamification Strategy Development
- User Experience Strategy Development
- Volunteer Recruitment and Management Strategy Development


Volunteer Opportunities Available For This Project

- Volunteer as a Researcher


- Volunteer as a Research Coordinator