Editorial and Publishing Team

The Editorial and Publishing Team is the content generation section of United By DNA. This section functions like a news publishing organization.

Pending Projects

  • Creation of a digital quarterly magazine

  • Creation of a monthly email newsletter

  • Creation of a blog section for United By DNA’s website

  • Creation of the following editorial and publishing policies:

        -  Author responsibilities

-  Licence agreement and author copyright

-  Refutations, complaints and corrections

-  Duplicate publication

-  Confidentiality and pre-publicity

-  Plagiarism and fabrication


  • Creation of  a Guide to Authors / Authors Resources with the following:

        - Aims and scope of an article for publication by United By DNA

- Submission policies

- How to submit

- Explanation of the review process

- Format of articles

- Submission Guidelines

    - General information for preparing manuscripts

- Cover letter

- Format of manuscripts

- References

- Acknowledgements

- Author contributions

- Competing financial interests

- Submission Checklist


- creation of a  submission template

Volunteer Opportunities Available On This Team

  • Copyeditor

  • Editor

  • Blogger




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