Events Planning and Community Organizing Team

The Events Planning and Community Organizing Team is responsible for building United By DNA’s physical presence in cities and colleges across the globe. The team is responsible for:

  • organizing meetup meetings

  • facilitating the creation of school chapters and clubs and running the campus rep program

  • organizing volunteer drives and awareness events

  • representing United By DNA in fairs, festivals and exhibitions

  • participating and facilitating the events of other organizations who share similar interests or goals with United By DNA

  • organizing fundraising galas and events in conjunction with the Fundraising Team

Pending Projects

  • Building up United By DNA’s meetup group ( hack World Peace ) in Milwaukee.

  • Setting up a campus rep program for colleges and universities

  • Organizing a trade booth for Summerfest 2016.


Volunteer Opportunities Available On This Team

  • Event planner

  • Community organizer

  • Campus representative




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