Legal, Corporate and Compliance Team

The Legal and Compliance Team ensures United By DNA adopts the best practices in corporate governance. This team ensures United By DNA is in compliance with all local, state and federal regulatory requirements. This team is responsible for drafting the corporate policies of United By DNA.

Pending Projects


    Corporate Governance

        - Formulation of risk mitigation policies and procedures

        - Creation of communication policies

    - SOX policies development and compliance

        - Document retention and destruction policies

        - corporate governance guidelines development

        - Creation of  corporate policies and procedures


    Intellectual Property

Drafting of Intellectual Property Policy and Staff/ Volunteer Intellectual Property Agreement

-  manage current United By DNA’s trademark applications

- Trademark maintenance strategy development


    Human Resources

        - Creation of registered user agreement

        - Creation of volunteer agreement

        - Creation of Standards / Code of Conduct / Ethics

        - Grievance procedures development

        - Recruitment of Minors policy

        - develop scope of the volunteer activity

        - develop written standards for performance



        - Creation of registered user agreement

        - Review of Term and Conditions of United By DNA’s website

        - Review of Disclosure Statement of United By DNA’s website

        - Review of Privacy Policy of United By DNA’s website


   International Operations

        - Creation of policies regarding international operations



Volunteer Opportunities Available On This Team

  • Consulting Attorney - Intellectual Property

  • Consulting Attorney - Corporate Governance

  • Consulting Attorney - International Operations

  • Corporate Development Officer



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