Marketing and Advertising Team

The Marketing and Advertising Team

  • manages all the social media profiles and efforts of United By DNA

  • manages the utilization of United By DNA’s Google’s Ad grant ($10,000/month)

Pending Projects

  • Establishment of a United By DNA’s profile on all major social media platform

  • Google Ad Grant utilization

  • Research and set up tools that aid in effectively managing social media profiles

  • Develop processes that automate publishing of contents of website to social media profiles

  • Develop social media engagement tracking procedures

  • Explore gamification techniques to increase user engagement

  • Research strategies utilized by other brands (for-profit and non-profit organizations)

  • Develop strategies for timing posts

  • research guerilla marketing techniques

  • research email marketing

  • Launch a Facebook Like and Twitter Follow Campaign

  • Development of rules and policies for online community


Volunteer Opportunities Available On This Team

  • social media marketer




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