The Ideology of United By DNA

United By DNA is currently elucidating its ideology. The ideology and intended actions of United By DNA shall be detailed in the following proposed publications.


A Framework Of Meaning: Life in Service of the Species.

From an evolutionary standpoint, the most important duty of any organism is to its species. We embrace this duty. We believe our most important duty is the advancement of the human species.


One and Differentiated: i = u

Statements of United By DNA like “i = u” can be mistakenly interpreted as calls to erase individualism or uniqueness. United By DNA hopes to promote the uniqueness and creative expressions of every individual. We believe diversity ensures the advancement of the human species. Differentiation is not mutually exclusive to the idea of “i = u”. This is illustrated by the mathematical equation:




There could be infinite variations of Ones, yet the result of them exponentially is still One. One has the power of the Infinite embedded in it. Biologic systems of multicellular organisms also illustrate this concept. Our view of individualism is summarized as follows: "I" rooted in "We". "We" gives context and meaning to "I"

The concept of One and Differentiated is an important concept in the ideology of United By DNA.


The Common Good.

Dictatorships have been built and sustained on the premise of the Common Good. Tyrannical suppression of individualism and individual rights has been promoted in the name of the Common Good. In spite of these abuses, the premise of the Common Good is valid, and it deserves a thorough and continuing evaluation. 

The world is complicated. The journey to a more peaceful world shall present several dilemmas. It is United By DNA's belief that a thorough and objective evaluation of the Common Good shall help in addressing these dilemmas.


This publication shall discuss the concept of the Common Good and address questions like:

- What is the Common Good?

- How should the scope of the Common Good be defined? At the level of nations or at the species-wide (global) level?

- National Interests vs Species-wide (Global) Common Good

- The Common Good and the Individual


The Role of the "Fittest".

A perfunctory look into the methods of Evolution makes one believe that Evolution has divided every species using the Gaussian distribution model. This model necessarily produces a minority group of the “fittest”. This minority group of the “fittest” play an especially important role in the advancement of a species. This concept of a minority group of the “fittest” is neither mutually exclusive to nor contradicts the concept of "i = u" which incorporates differentiation and diversity. 


Whatever model of society man creates, a minority group of individuals shall exert a disproportionate degree of influence on the affairs of the society. It is the nature of things.


As the advancement of the human species particularly relies on the “fittest”, it is important to examine their evolutionary role. Perceptions about the role of the  "fittest" have to be examined: What is the perception of the "fittest" regarding the use of their abilities? For the furtherance of their own ends? Or for the Common Good of the species? United By DNA believes the evolutionary function of  the "fittest" is not to benefit the "fittest" as individuals or a class but to ensure the preservation and advancement of the whole species. The "fittest" have more duty than other members of their species to ensure the preservation and advancement of their species. The "fittest" exists for the preservation and advancement of the species. This is aligned with a widely accepted concept: "to whom much is given, much is  expected".


The "fittest", by their very nature seek social relevance and differentiation. This desire for social relevance should be highly incentivized. It is a folly for any system not to incentivize the "fittest", as the preservation and advancement of the species is heavily reliant on the "fittest". The question is: how should this need for social relevance be incentivized? What expressions of this need for social relevance, should the society promote? The furtherance of one's own ends, which may or may not further the Common Good? Or the furtherance of the Common Good as a primary motive?


There is a need to develop a feasible incentivization model that prioritizes the furtherance of the Common Good over one's own ends. We gain some insight on this issue from an unlikely source - the prosecution of wars. We seek to end wars. However, we shall avail ourselves to every insight that can be gleaned from their prosecution. For thousands of years in human history, the brightest minds applied themselves to the study of war and its prosecution. The struggle for survival is more apparent in war, than in other human endeavors. This made relatively better judgment to prevail in the prosecution of war, than in other human endeavors. Imagine the chaos that would result, if every soldier in an army was indoctrinated to further his ends and think primarily of his interests. Would it not be folly, for such an army to hope to win wars, through an “invisible hand” coordinating the actions of these self-interested soldiers? The model of incentivization employed by most militaries (regardless of their political, economic or religious ideologies) prioritizes the furtherance of the good of the whole. The best fighting military units in history were units that had deeply ingrained in them, the ethos of prioritizing the good of the whole over the interest of the individual. The model of incentivization employed by the military has been demonstrated to be the most efficient model of incentivization in the face of existential threats. It has proven its viability and scalability over several millenia of human history.


United By DNA believes that the model of incentivization employed by the military is the most sustainable model of incentivization that exists at this time. Our challenge is to build on this model of incentivization/positive reinforcement and increase its applicability and appeal into other spheres of human endeavors. 


The "fittest" respond to their milieu and can be socially conditioned. In societies where power, influence and social relevance are mostly wielded by military organizations, the "fittest" are drawn to become military figures. Where power power, influence and social relevance are mostly wielded by the clergy, they flock to become religious figures and so on.


There is a need to create a social reality where to gain power, influence and social relevance; the "fittest" must find it necessary and strategic to prioritize the Common Good over their own interest. The creation of such a reality is a strategic goal of United By DNA.


Existential Imperatives.

Existential Imperatives are actions that must be taken to correct the current unsustainable trajectory of human civilization. The scope of the imperatives span all spheres of human civilization from food supply and distribution to the threat of dogma/fundamentalism, to global deforestation and warming, to the possession of weapons of mass destruction with underlying malicious intent,  to the threat of asteriods , to the ...


On the Concept of Nations: An Evaluation of the Notion of National Interests in an Interdependent World.


As globalization converts Earth into a global village, one must question assumptions made when the world was not so interconnected. One must ask:


- Is it rational to view nations as entities created by the Divine? Or are nations man-made constructs shaped by historical events?


- Will the pursuit of national interests by every nation lead to the greatest species-wide (global) Common Good? Is this the best model, man can devise to achieve the greatest species-wide (global) Common Good?


- The role of nations as a source of governance and stability is evident. However, is it sustainable that all nations prioritize their national interests and only work toward the species-wide (global) Common Good when it is aligned to their national interests?

- Should the species-wide (global) Common Good not take precedence over national interests? Is this stance not rational and realistic?


The publication, On the Concept of Nations: An Evaluation of the Notion of National Interests in an Interdependent Worldhopes to examine the concept of nations and national interests.


A Path to Peace.

The achievement of global peace is a goal of United By DNA.

This publication shall discuss the concept of Peace, impediments to global Peace, analysis of previous and current attempts to achieve global Peace. Most importantly, it shall seek to propose necessary prerequisites for global Peace and a road map or series of action to be taken to achieve Peace.


The Folly Of Absolute Certainty. 

It is United By DNA's stance that until all phenomena that exist can be accounted for, absolute certainty eliminates the quest for continuous search and evaluation. Absolute certainty confines one's horizon and predisposes one to irrationality, fundamentalism, dogma, delusions and violence. To maintain a true state of search, one has to make accommodation for some degree of uncertainty in one's belief.


Uncertainty is an important stance of United By DNA. It shall protect United By DNA from dogmatic positioning.


What greater humility exists than to acknowledge that we do not know nor understand everything and to declare that we are not the arbiter of what is true? What greater arrogance exists than to claim the authority of the Divine?


 The publication, The Folly of Absolute Certainty, hopes to discuss this important principle. It shall also address the concepts of Fundamentalism and Dogma.



A Way of Reasoning: The Scientific Method

It is the view of United By DNA, that at this time, the scientific method of reasoning is the ultimate application of human cognitive faculties.


The scientific method eschews irrational certainty, fundamentalism, and dogma. It embraces continuous search and scrutiny of its propositions. Dogmatic thinking (a sense of unquestionable hold on what is true) is a major cause of human misery. 


Wide adoption of the principles of the scientific method of reasoning and critical thinking is a goal of United By DNA.


The publication, A Way of Reasoning: The Scientific Method, shall examine the scientific methods and ways its principles can be widely adopted.


Altering Reality: Transforming “Utopian Fantasies” into Reality

On any given day, thousands of flights occur around the world. The occurrence of human flight is so common that its novelty is mostly lost. It is another routine activity in today's world.


Step back in time and think for a moment. For thousands of years, man wish he could fly. Man desired he could experience what it was like to be in the sky, and soar through the clouds. Inspite of the fact this desire was widely shared,  some of the men who worked to make it a reality were jeered as being unrealistic or out of touch with reality. The extraordinary vision, courage, sacrifice and determination of these men has made human flight, a routine in today's reality.


Step into the present, we desire a world without war, hunger, poverty and drudgery. We desire a state of the full unleashing of the human potential.  Do we sound utopian? Out of touch with reality? Grandiose? It is our ambition to make these "utopian fantasies" the norm for future generations. Hopefully, we shall display tenacity and ferocity worthy of our predecessors. 


The publication, Altering Reality: Transforming “Utopian Fantasies” into Realityhopes to utilize the story of human flight and other “utopian fantasies” that are now routinely integrated into the present human reality as case studies for initiating quantum leaps in human evolution.

It shall examine the concept of reality and how reality can be altered. It shall also examine how intrinsically unfeasible goals (such as the goal of Alchemy to convert lead to gold which was DOA) can be identified as early as possible.


Speculations about the Nature of Man.

At this point, United By DNA makes no presumptions about the nature of humankind.


We are challenging ourselves to build a model of altering social reality that is robust enough to account for a wide range of possibilities on "intrinsic" human behavior. In other words, even if (in the worst case scenario) humankind is "intrinsically evil", it is incumbent upon us to develop social conditioning strategies and methods or social realities that reverses, mitigates or filters out any such "intrinsic evil".


While we do not intend to base the success of our initiatives on the "intrinsic goodness" or otherwise of humankind, we remain deeply curious about the intrinsic nature of humankind.

The publication, Speculations about the Nature of Man, shall examine the nature of humankind.


A Look into the Evolutionary Process.

Evolution is entropic and disruptive. Much violence abounds in the Evolutionary process. It is the nature of things that most living organisms need to consume other living organisms to thrive.


It is our speculation that a deep understanding of the Universe may be obtained by a study of the Evolutionary process. 


What are the goals of Evolution? What are its methods and principles? What is our role in the Evolutionary process, and how should we react to our role? Are the endpoints of Evolution always desirable? Should attempts be made to alter the Evolutionary process if it threatens the Common Good of humankind? United By DNA hopes to achieve global peace. Shall the disruptive nature of Evolution present challenges to achieving this goal?


The publication, A Look into the Evolutionary Process, shall attempt to answer these questions.


An Evaluation of the Organizing Theme of Today's World.

In today's world, Life is structured around economic activities. There is a mistaken belief that "market forces" is the solution to most of the problems plaguing humanity. How can "market forces" solve existential problems like extremism/terrorism or the threat of a nuclear war? 


"Existential imperatives" are routinely subjugated to economic considerations. For example, it is not uncommon for the possibility of temporary reduced economic growth to be cited as an argument against taking actions to mitigate climate change. Or for considerations of present economic costs to override  concerns for the lost human potential in debates about the provision of educational opportunities to children and youths.


We believe "market forces" can be a very efficient tool in tackling some of the challenges faced by humanity and in devising solutions to such challenges. We intend to extensively utilize "market forces" whenever we can to devise solutions to as many of the challenges faced by humanity as possible.  However, we realize that the entirety of human civilization cannot be approached solely from an economic perspective. We believe that human advancement is better served if human civilization is primarily structured around "existential imperatives" rather than economic considerations. It is incumbent upon us to develop feasible models of society structured around "existential imperatives".


The publication, An Evaluation of the Organizing Theme of Today's World shall present models of society structured around "existential imperatives".


The Human Condition.

Confronted with the vastness of the Universe, what is a rational stance for us to take? Our individual existence is a mere speck in the scheme of Things. What is a one hundred and fifty years at most compared to billions of years? Our understanding of the Universe still so little. While it is important not to be overwhelmed by this vastness, it is equally important we do not overplay our ability in the scheme of the Universe.


The human potential is great and yet to be fully unleashed. Yet, we must display humility in our interpretations of the events occurring in the Universe. Our feelings, thoughts and inclinations are not the arbiters of what is true. If Truth exists, it is independent of our preferences, thoughts or wishes. It is humankind's role to submit to facts as presented by the Universe. We must not only counteract dogmatic thinking, we must also counteract relativism. 


It is disconcerting that despite overwhelming evidence, the notion of Evolution is still contested by apparently rational people, who feel the notion of Evolution does not fit in with their preferred understanding of the beginnings of  the human race. It is equally alarming that in the push for Progressivism, the biologic fact that Life begins at conception is disputed. 


The publication, The Human Condition, shall address the question asked above: Confronted with the vastness of the Universe, what is a rational stance for humanity to take?


A Framework For Morality

It is our speculation that for human civilization to effectively function, it requires at least two frameworks: a "framework of Meaning" and a "framework for morality". While these two frameworks are closely related, they are different. While a framework for morality should factor in social norms and can be updated as these norms evolve. A framework of Meaning should be anchored on principles or facts with lasting application. The framework of Meaning of United By DNA can be summed up as: "Life in service of the species." 


The frameworks for morality that exist at this time incorporate cultural biases and have underlying mythical and dogmatic thinking. We believe there is a need for the development of a framework for morality that is applicable to all of humanity.  The United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights is a good start. However, we believe such efforts should be expanded.


The publication, A Framework For Morality, shall present a framework that is applicable to all of humanity.


On The Taking Of Life

The conditions under which a society justifies the taking of human life is a measure of its social advancement. We believe there is a need for humankind to review the conditions for which it justifies the taking of human life.

The publication, On The Taking Of Life, shall attempt to navigate the complex considerations surrounding this issue.


A Note on the Ideological Framework of United By DNA

The ideology of United By DNA is primarily focused at the existential/ontological level that is the relationship that exists between an individual and the community of humans (human species) and his/her role in the community of humans. We factor secondary constructs/abstractions such as race, nations, governments, creed, political or economic systems etc mainly at the policy formulation level and not at the ideological level.