Researcher - Content Strategy 


Research Team


Research Project

Purpose or Impact of Role:

The fulfillment of this volunteer role shall increase our institutional knowledge base. With more knowledge, we are more insightful and effective in our actions.

Role Summary:

As a researcher, you shall be assigned to review a resource material ( a report,  book, website etc) or conduct a case study on an organization or phenomenon.


You shall submit a concise summary of the important facts discovered during your research. We place high priority on extracting the following types of information:

- introduction of new concepts or ways of viewing things

- a list of to do tasks

- description of strategies and techniques

- case studies or examples  

Reporting Relationships:

Reports to Research Coordinator

Candidate Profile:

We seek candidates with the following characteristics:


- Ability to sift and extract important information from a large set of data. 

- Succinct and excellent written and oral communication skills. 

- Excellent organizational skill. 

Dedicated and dependable. Takes the fulfilment of a commitment seriously. Places particular emphasis on completing projects. 

Altruistic and passionate about volunteerism, activism and leaving a mark on the world.


You shall conduct an assigned research.

Required Minimum Qualifications:

Proficiency in English Language

Preferred (Not Required) Qualifications:

Not Applicable.

Bonus (Not Required) Qualifications:

Prior experience volunteering with non-profits.

Proposed Start Date:


Proposed Duration:

1 - 4 weeks.

Time Commitment Requirements:

10 - 20 hours.


Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Required Application Documents:

Contact information of  2 individuals willing to recommend you.

Optional Application Documents:

Not Applicable.

Resources To Help You:

Here are links to resources to help you effectively conduct research and summarize:


Conducting Research

The Purdue OWL: Conducting Research
Resources for Conducting Research
Planning and conducting a dissertation research project
Conducting Research and Gathering Information
Research Guide for Students
Conducting Research
Introduction to Research
How to Conduct Research: An Overview
Conducting Literature Reviews and Finding Information




Summary Writing
Strategies to Improve Summary Writing
Get the GIST
Summarizing Strategies


This role is particularly suitable for high school and college students.



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