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Purpose or Impact of Role:

The fulfillment of this volunteer role shall increase our institutional knowledge base. With more knowledge, we are more insightful and effective in our actions.

Role Summary:

As a research coordinator, you shall:

  • identify resource materials to be researched and perform a perfunctory review of these materials.
  • identify information of particular interest in resource materials that researchers should focus on.
  • formulate research questions to be answered by researchers carrying out the detailed research.
  • ensure timely delivery of research summaries by researchers assigned to you.
  • perform a review of research summaries submitted by researchers.

You shall create presentations and reports documenting the findings of researchers assigned to you. 

Reporting Relationships:

Reports to Research Project Manager.

Candidate Profile:

We seek candidates with the following characteristics:


  • Ability to sift and extract important information from a large set of data.
  • Succinct and excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Excellent organizational skill.
  • Excellent managerial and leadership skills
  • Dedicated and dependable. Takes the fulfilment of a commitment seriously. Places particular emphasis on completing projects.
  • Altruistic and passionate about volunteerism, activism and leaving a mark on the world.



You shall manage a team of researchers assigned to you.

Required Minimum Qualifications:
  • Knowledge of research methodologies and prior experience in conducting research
  • Prior managerial experience
  • Relevant subject matter expertise in the field of research (eg Marketing, Public Relations, Fund-Raising, Intellectual Property Law, Editorial and Publishing etc)
Preferred (Not Required) Qualifications:

Not Applicable.

Bonus (Not Required) Qualifications:
  • Prior experience volunteering with non-profits or involvement with activism.
Proposed Start Date:


Proposed Duration:

At least 8 weeks.

Time Commitment Requirements:

At least 6 hours/week.


Milwaukee, Wisconsin 

Required Application Documents:
  • Contact information of  2 individuals willing to recommend you
Optional Application Documents:

Not Applicable.

Resources To Help You:

Here are links to resources to help you effectively conduct research and summarize:


Conducting Research

The Purdue OWL: Conducting Research
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Introduction to Research
How to Conduct Research: An Overview
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Summary Writing
Strategies to Improve Summary Writing
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Summarizing Strategies


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